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We are a community of people who want to explore life and faith together. We believe life is a journey, an adventure, and though there may be lots of twists and turns, mountain tops and valleys along the way, there is always a true north we can live by – the God who created us. As we fix our eyes on Him, no matter where the road may take us, we can always find our way home.

About True North

We believe it’s the best life there is, to know God as your true north in life, and we exist to point people toward Him.

We're a community

We’re a community of people committed to living courageous lives, and to us that means making a difference both now and for eternity.

We strive to be

We strive to be accepting. We’re not perfect at it, but we believe God is an accepting God, so we do our very best to make everyone feel welcome here, no matter what your story is.

We're committed to living

We’re committed to living creatively, recognising each one of us has a part to play in making something beautiful, that each one of us has unique gifts we bring to this party.

We journey to one another

We want to live connected to one another, not as people who sit shoulder to shoulder once a week, but as people who journey through life together, celebrating the great moments and supporting one another through the tough ones.

We're a church

And our heart’s desire is to be a biblical church. We believe that the same God who inspired the Old and New Testaments is alive and well today and can empower us to live out the kind of life the Bible points us toward.