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Connect Groups

Life was not meant to be lived alone and the adventure of faith was not meant to be taken alone. In fact, we believe one of God’s dreams for the church is to be a place where true community is restored: a place where people hear one another’s stories, care for one another, make room for the stranger, and journey together in becoming all God calls them to be. A Connect Group is the easiest way to connect into these kinds of relationships at True North Church.

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are all about 3 connections:


Connecting Your Story to God’s Story

We believe life isn’t about how God fits into our story, but how our story fits into His. It’s in God’s word, the Bible, we come to understand His Story. Our Connect Groups help create a space where we learn not just to hear His Word, but learn to live it every day.

 *Most of our Connect Groups do this by discussing and applying the passages of Scripture we work through in our weekend services. Hearing a message is really only the beginning – God’s word is something meant to be lived out every day.


Connecting to One Another

Without a smaller community to connect in, a weekend service can become a gathering of strangers. This is so far short of God’s dream for the church. Connect Groups are about finding a pace to know and be known, a place for care and support through life’s ups and downs.


New Connections

As someone once said, “A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.” We believe God’s dream for community is it would always be a place with room for one more, where love and welcome never run out. So if you’ve never been to a Connect Group before, please know there is a place ready for you!


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